A Little Bit About Me..

Hello, and welcome to my #7ways2wear blog! I must admit feeling a little daunted doing this as it’s totally out of my comfort zone, but after turning 40 and with some gentle encouragement/pestering from friends and family, I’ve decided to take the plunge! I’m going to ease myself in gently with a little introduction, so here goes! My name is Laura and I have a long running love affair with all things sartorial, my earliest memories being mainly clothing and accessory related.

There was the pair of red leather moccasins (believe me they were all the rage back in the day), that I adored. When my parents went to check me on the first day that I’d brought them home from the shoe shop, they found me in bed, fast asleep, and with the moccasins still on my feet.

Then there was the jumper, that my Mum had lovingly knitted for me, only for me to declare it “too scratchy” to wear. She did make me wear it on a few occasions, but I’d yank the sleeves up past my elbows to lessen the itch factor. It wasn’t a great look to be honest, plus I think my parents grew tired of listening to my moaning and gave up!

With my cousins Lee & Ben. Note who isn’t wearing their knitwear 😏

Lastly, there was the peach bridesmaid dress that was chosen for me to wear to my older sister’s wedding. I was around 10 years old (she’s 10 years older so don’t worry, she wasn’t a child bride), and had started to develop in the time between being fitted for the dress and actually wearing it on the wedding day. Let’s just say it was a snug fit across the chest and that I couldn’t lift my arms very high. So you see, clothes evoke strong memories for me, be it the good, the bad, or the ugly.

One of the many stunning views from Polruan, Cornwall, my childhood home.

Growing up in Cornwall very much influenced my style during my younger years, with Surf wear giants Roxy, Billabong and O’Neill being the brands of choice among my peers. Anyone from my home County and of my era (I was born in the late 70s) will also recall The Flying Dodo Co based in the ‘big City’ of Truro (It’s actually the only City in Cornwall but that’s by the by!). They were all about slouchy sweats and tie dye tees which were both very of the moment. Surf wear was basically my uniform, along with Dr Martens and bright red hair. My hair is currently purple and I’ve recently bought a pair of Dr Martens after more than 20 years of not wearing them, so you could argue that not a lot has changed!

As I grew older I discovered a world outside of surf brands though, yet was still drawn to nautical trends and harboured (geddit?) a strong desire to purchase all things stripy. Then Motherhood happened. I think many Mothers would tell you that they lost themselves for a period of time when their children came along, and for me that had an impact on my wardrobe. I got rid of anything I considered to be too risqué or out there, classifying them as being unsuitable and not what a mother ought to wear. The truth is that there are no rules about what a Mother should or shouldn’t wear, but I think I was dressing to blend in to the background to a degree.

The children and I in 2013.

After this period of time spent in the haze of sleeplessness where quite frankly, brushing my teeth and hair felt like a win, I emerged feeling that I wanted to wanted to update my look. If I’m honest my hair was a big factor in my desire to change things up. I’d been dyeing my hair for many years, and had decided it was time to stop fighting it, and to embrace the silver strands. I know that this isn’t for everyone but I consider it my crowning glory now, and love to have fun with it by experimenting and trying different colours. I decided to cut my hair short whilst I was growing it out, in order to speed up the process, but this laid way to a fear of being mistaken for an old man from behind! I started then, to make a much more conscious effort with the way I dressed, and began experimenting more.

Image from Pixabay

Anyone with an instagram account would more than likely agree that it can be a fabulous place to gather inspiration and ideas. It can however, also be a place where you may feel like you need to have every latest ‘must have’. Obviously, you don’t, but that’s not to say that the hottest trends with all their sparkly newness don’t tempt me, because they often do. What I believe though, is that anything I buy, must work hard in my wardrobe. Any additions must be versatile enough that I have the capability to create several different looks using them, and so the idea of #7ways2wear was born. I’ll be talking more about my concept, and how reading a Barnardo’s article helped to inspire my #7ways2wear styling challenges, in my next blog. For now I’d like to say a big Thank You for reading my first ever blog. I’d love to hear your thoughts if you’d like to leave a comment below, Laura X

*Special thanks goesto Vanessa of     Voguish & Calamity https://instagram.com/voguishandcalamity?utm_source=ig_profile_share&igshid=m96zlkdytr5r      for her persistent harassment encouragement. Without your help and guidance I wouldn’t have got this far, or have a logo! Xx *